Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Addictions name is Earen and I'm addicted to coffee. Some days (I know this is terrible) but I find myself drinking more coffee than water! Yikes! I get a little half n' half and pour my coffee with my Stevia and then top with a little bit of whip cream and it's just a little delight! I wish I was that way with carrots or salad, but alas I'm not. In a couple areas of my life I can honestly admit that I'm, makeup. Those are my weaknesses.

As I walk this life I'm not sure I've ever found myself saying, "I'm just so addicted to the Lord." Have you? Like coffee, "I just can't get enough of Him!" Oh my friends...that's how it should be and as I write this to you a new wave of conviction has swept over me. I want to continually drink Him in over and over during the day. I want to obsess about the Lord and become more addicted to knowing Him. This addiction would be a wonderful thing though......not a weakness but a strength because if I've said it once, I'll say it's all about Him! Become addicted!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Struggles and Journeys

Do you ever find yourself in areas of life that you have seemed to have visited before? "Wait, didn't I already go through this before?...Why am I here again?"

There are many struggles and journeys in this life. Each of them filled with molding and refining from the Lord and we make a very important choice in deciding whether to gleam their insights or ignore the valuable lesson. Many times I've thought I've gathered the lesson and then find myself re-visiting again and I think, "Did I not get it the first time? Did I miss something?" I wonder if it's not about having missed something, but re-gaining a new insight from Him that could only be learned through a journey that already had some of the "weeds" removed before. The path is clearer this time for God to reveal different things to us.

I look at current struggles that have always seemed to be current and yet what I see consistent is the closeness that occurs in my relationship with Him. And so would I choose to visit this area again and struggle again for the simple yet deeply profound fact of growing closer to Him all over again....I would have to say yes and that is what it's all about...just Him.