Thursday, September 25, 2008


It's funny how kids like to show off the new toys or things they received. If we were honest, we as adults like to show off our "new toys or things" we get too.

The first part of this month I celebrated my 33rd birthday. Much to my delight I walked in from a lovely date with my husband of eating lunch, a pedicure, and makeover at the Bobbi Brown counter at Nordstrom (you know they do those when you just show up!)....a perfect afternoon - to see about 40 people tightly fitted, waiting to yell "SURPRISE!". It was a birthday dream come true for me, for you see...I've always wanted a surprise birthday party! As shock embraced my face and tears filled my eyes, I headed over to the cake table upon my mom's request of wanting me to see it. I look at it...not more exciting than your average, yummy birthday cake and then to my ultimate surprise my best friend from California pops up from behind the cake!! I was expecting her visit, but not until 2 days later. It was delightful and just touched me deeply!! Family, friends, and even some old friends appeared back into my was magnificent!! Something I will cherish forever......

During my shopping journey with my best friend, I bought a new purse...of course! I call it my "bling, bling" purse because it's shiny with alot of jewelry on it. It's a Kathy purse. In my unhumble "la-te-da" attitude I've wanted to show it off...I've wanted others to notice my "new toy!" Of course all my new makeup too....please, I spent every penny of my birthday money while she's was here!!

It wasn't until I recently bought new (real) shoes for my 16mo. old that a revelation hit me. I was amazed at how a 16mo. old was so excited to show off his new shoes. Family walked into our house & he immediately leans down, touches his shoes and says, "shos, shos." If someone were holding him he would stretch out his leg and again point to say, "shos". He wanted them to be noticed...that new gift.

I think years ago when I was 4 years old and the gift of Salvation in Jesus Christ that my mom shared with me under our kitchen table. Then in highschool at the age of 16 and the new found passion I exuded for Him. I was excited about it...I wanted to share that gift with everyone...I wanted everyone to see Him on me & in me. After awhile those "toys or things" we get become old, put away in a closet and occassionally brought out for view. The excitement wears off....even if we do still "wear" it everyday. Seeing my son so excited about his new shoes reminded me of the gift the Lord gave me years ago in receiving Him into my heart as Savior....That gift has gone so much deeper in my heart and life, but am I sharing the most amazing surprise & gift one could ever receive...the truest gift of God Himself. You see, it's not about what we do or how often we go to church or how many Christian books we read (although those things are important), it is just simply about our love relationship with Jesus Christ Himself....that's it, friends...that's it. He & His Presence....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A declaration of independence.....

It happens without my even knowing it...some days I long for it to come quicker & some days I don't mind if it takes forever.   


I marveled the other day as I looked upon my eldest son in awe at how he's aged so.  How my middle son has changed from the toddler that I thought he still was.   How my baby has started talking so much and walking all over as in his new found freedom.   When you're in the every day moments of it you don't often notice and then one day it just hits if you missed a few years of their lives and in actuality you were therec  for every last whisper.    It flies away quickly...time.  And that independence that I wished were there on those "harder" days is now upon me and I long for the days in which I'm all they depend on.   

In our walk with the Lord we start as babies and grow in our faith.   Time takes off and without us knowing it we develop this independence at times....and before we know it we can have this feeling of "I can do this on my own".   We have arrived in our walk with the Lord and then we realize we're in a place that causes us to reflect on our hearts in wonder as to how we arrived at this spot...distant from the Father.    

The Lord designed us as children to eventually leave our parents and care for ourselves...not needing to depend on them.   But in our relationship to Him, he allows us to choose Him first and every day grow more and more dependent on Him, for truly...what is life without Him.   So, with our earthly parents we make that declaration of independence from them...with our Heavenly Father we need to have hearts that ever long to depend more on Him.   But, in all honestly....I can't imagine not needing to depend on my earthly parents..I don't think I'll ever make my full declaration of independence there.    

Monday, September 1, 2008

Just when you thought I was gone....

It has been busy....that's just what I have to say...busy! Now, I've heard that having kids starting & in school can speed up your life in a way you've never known, which I now know to be true...BUT, to add to that, we moved into this new home & are trying to get all settled before my best friend comes to visit me this week! Oh, so excited about that!! Anyway....I've been absent & I've missed you all. I now have a whole new appreciation for those of you who have kids in school or homeschool and still find time to read and write blogs!!!

Everyone has different convictions on education for their kids. Some stand strongly for Christian school, some feel called to teach their children at home, some enjoy the charter school aspect, and some feel called to public school. Each one has to place their kids where the Lord calls them to be and for us it involves a level of sacrifice. Financially, it's a stretch for us.....but not a good enough reason for us to not be obedient to the Lord's call for our son's education. For when the Lord says "go" know He will provide. My husband went from a 3 minute commute to work, to a 40-50min. commute - each way. A sacrifice for both him & us. When you're obedient to the voice of the Lord though, He will provide & I saw this time & time again when I was growing up...but, I'll save that for another blog.

My son is now in full swing at the Christian school close by. He loves it. But, when he came home the other day & told me about how they learned all about Jesus love for them and Salvation and made a Crown that we'll get in Heaven, it fulled my heart with such great delight.....but, when he said his whole class stopped to pray for his bug bite that had caused his whole hand to swell up....that's when I knew, this my friends is why I put him in Christian school....God saturated in everything.

So, I encourage you....if you have a desire for this or for something else in your life that you feel is financially holding you back or something else is holding you back - first, be obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit and secondly, don't limit what God can do in your life...He's waiting to astound you more than you ever know.....even if it's an every day provision. Why not step out...we did & look at what has happened...our journey has truly been a miracle!!