Thursday, December 4, 2008

Coloring again....

I've been slacking in my time with the Lord lately. I haven't made it a priority and find that other things creep in and take the time that the Lord so richly deserves. Why is it that everything else can become "so important" and He gets pushed to the side?

Today I made a point to sit down with my son and color with him. He followed me around the house while I put things away, made my coffee and he insisted that he not begin until I sat & colored with him. He got all his supplies out, laid them nicely on the table and waited. Even now while I type this, he has stopped his coloring and is waiting....waiting for me. "Are you done typing yet, Mom? Let's do shapes now!" As I was coloring with him I would put my color down and sit back in relaxing coffee drinking and he would say, "Come on Mom, let's do it again!"

I wonder in my current slacking relationship with the Lord if He's sitting there waiting for me...with colors in hand. Waiting to show me richly from His Word and speak to my heart with all His brightness. Wanting to express to me, "Earen, let's do this again soon! Are you done with everything else you "think" you need to do?"

All He longs for is our hearts and a relationship with Him. I can't imagine going a day without spending time with my own precious children & yet the Lord, my Father has had to go many days without me & me without Him. It's time to let the coloring begin again.....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Pilgrim's heart....

I wonder what would have been protruding out of my mouth if I was one of the Pilgrims sailing on the Mayflower. What excitement there would have been in finally being able to sail to the free land in order to worship the Lord freely. But as the days passed and as people started to die on board, what did their hearts begin to look like? Then they finally arrive only to be starving due to lack of knowledge and supplies....were they so disheartened? I wonder what my own heart would have looked like at this point? Knowing myself, I would have probably been griping and asking God why He brought us this far to let us die. Then the Lord brought life....a gift of the Indians.

I look over my past life experiences and what a bouncing around of spiritual heart conditions I've had. Over and over again He's faithful to me & my family & instead of trusting Him and giving Him thanks even in the hard times, I fall into grumbling and complaining until I remember all He's done. What if when times are hard I turn to the Lord and tell Him that I'm so thankful for His refining me and can't wait to see what He does? He would probably go into shock.

A never ceasing heart of Thankfulness is what I long for. Good, bad, happy, sad....thankfulness. I'm sure the Pilgrims went through the same struggles we do in wondering what God was doing. But what we read about in History in their story should alone attest to His God takes care of His children.

Thankfulness....for He's so good.

Monday, November 17, 2008


The restaurant is lit with candles, the soft music playing in the background, and you notice the twinkle lights hanging that dimly light up the room. It's the look in his eyes as he glances at you from across the room.....his hand as it rests upon your back in leading you to your's the single rose he brings home attached with a's the love note you find when you aren't's the soft touch in brushing your hair away from your face and you melt. It's a wave that washes over a woman's heart and it can happen in the most unsuspecting ways. What is this feeling....Romance.

What is it about romance that so intrigues and captures a woman's heart? Deep down inside we'd all admit that we love fact we long for it. Who doesn't want to be swept off their feet and treated in just even the smallest of ways like she's his everything.

When I think of romance, I don't think of it in terms of my Heavenly Father. But oh how He wants to romance our hearts. Not in the same way that a husband and wife enter into romance, but in a way that captures the very essence of who we are. He wants our hearts and wants to hold us close where all we know is His love. He whispers in our hearts the words that we long to hear..."I love you so, my sweet child." He longs for us to stop taking the lead and allow Him to lead by His strong hand. He has written us the most precious love note of all time, but do we take the time to read understand how important we are to Him. Have we missed His romance to us? can quickly capture a woman's heart....but has He captured yours, for He's the one who created it.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

What gets lost...

I love the holidays....the craziness of it all, the food, the decorations, the lights, family time, spiritual time. I love it all! I'm finding it interesting as I venture out into the stores and hear the voices around me that we have skipped over what is such an important holiday......Thanksgiving. Christmas cards are out, shopping days have begun to be numbered, and the celebration has started. We are on to the next holiday before the previous has even departed. It's all delightful but I am finding myself having to make a deliberate decision to read the Pilgrim books or pull out the pilgrim decorations I have. This time was an extremely important time in American History and one in which I'm very thankful for. One in which I want to pass to my children.

Things in this life become so much about us. I slip into my selfishness and make my Christmas list of "needs"...I mean''wants" and find that I'm missing the most important Thing of all. I'm reminded every year as the holidays roll around that THIS YEAR I want to focus more on Christ in everything surrounding them. Not about my wants and even needs, but just about Him. Sharing with my children how everything is only foundational in Him. Pointing everything back to the cross of Christ.

So, as I venture into this Thanksgiving season, I dare not pass over it too quickly in our eagerness to celebrate Christmas. Because eventhough Christmas is a glorious celebration of His birth, I am overjoyed to give Him thanks because without Him, I'd be nothing.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Until next time....

So, can you believe how long it has been since I've blogged? My loyal fans have wondered if I've dropped off the face of the earth? I'm still here....just so very busy with life. It has just taken off since we've begun the adventure of school and where there was time for blogging, there's now cleaning, laundry, homework, time with the family, and most importantly time with the Lord.

In part I feel like I've let so many of you down....I've not written much because I honestly haven't had time to read any blogs and don't want to be this loser blogger that writes & wants comments, but isn't thoughtful enough to read your blogs &, this is where I'm left at.

So, during this part of my life you might hear from me every now & again.....but, I am truly blessed for the friends I made during my blog addiction. I feel a connection with you guys and am thankful.

To those of you loyal family & friends who read my blog, thank you....

I love writing and sharing my heart so until I write again, know I'm thinking of you all.

Until the next time.....

Thursday, September 25, 2008


It's funny how kids like to show off the new toys or things they received. If we were honest, we as adults like to show off our "new toys or things" we get too.

The first part of this month I celebrated my 33rd birthday. Much to my delight I walked in from a lovely date with my husband of eating lunch, a pedicure, and makeover at the Bobbi Brown counter at Nordstrom (you know they do those when you just show up!)....a perfect afternoon - to see about 40 people tightly fitted, waiting to yell "SURPRISE!". It was a birthday dream come true for me, for you see...I've always wanted a surprise birthday party! As shock embraced my face and tears filled my eyes, I headed over to the cake table upon my mom's request of wanting me to see it. I look at it...not more exciting than your average, yummy birthday cake and then to my ultimate surprise my best friend from California pops up from behind the cake!! I was expecting her visit, but not until 2 days later. It was delightful and just touched me deeply!! Family, friends, and even some old friends appeared back into my was magnificent!! Something I will cherish forever......

During my shopping journey with my best friend, I bought a new purse...of course! I call it my "bling, bling" purse because it's shiny with alot of jewelry on it. It's a Kathy purse. In my unhumble "la-te-da" attitude I've wanted to show it off...I've wanted others to notice my "new toy!" Of course all my new makeup too....please, I spent every penny of my birthday money while she's was here!!

It wasn't until I recently bought new (real) shoes for my 16mo. old that a revelation hit me. I was amazed at how a 16mo. old was so excited to show off his new shoes. Family walked into our house & he immediately leans down, touches his shoes and says, "shos, shos." If someone were holding him he would stretch out his leg and again point to say, "shos". He wanted them to be noticed...that new gift.

I think years ago when I was 4 years old and the gift of Salvation in Jesus Christ that my mom shared with me under our kitchen table. Then in highschool at the age of 16 and the new found passion I exuded for Him. I was excited about it...I wanted to share that gift with everyone...I wanted everyone to see Him on me & in me. After awhile those "toys or things" we get become old, put away in a closet and occassionally brought out for view. The excitement wears off....even if we do still "wear" it everyday. Seeing my son so excited about his new shoes reminded me of the gift the Lord gave me years ago in receiving Him into my heart as Savior....That gift has gone so much deeper in my heart and life, but am I sharing the most amazing surprise & gift one could ever receive...the truest gift of God Himself. You see, it's not about what we do or how often we go to church or how many Christian books we read (although those things are important), it is just simply about our love relationship with Jesus Christ Himself....that's it, friends...that's it. He & His Presence....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A declaration of independence.....

It happens without my even knowing it...some days I long for it to come quicker & some days I don't mind if it takes forever.   


I marveled the other day as I looked upon my eldest son in awe at how he's aged so.  How my middle son has changed from the toddler that I thought he still was.   How my baby has started talking so much and walking all over as in his new found freedom.   When you're in the every day moments of it you don't often notice and then one day it just hits if you missed a few years of their lives and in actuality you were therec  for every last whisper.    It flies away quickly...time.  And that independence that I wished were there on those "harder" days is now upon me and I long for the days in which I'm all they depend on.   

In our walk with the Lord we start as babies and grow in our faith.   Time takes off and without us knowing it we develop this independence at times....and before we know it we can have this feeling of "I can do this on my own".   We have arrived in our walk with the Lord and then we realize we're in a place that causes us to reflect on our hearts in wonder as to how we arrived at this spot...distant from the Father.    

The Lord designed us as children to eventually leave our parents and care for ourselves...not needing to depend on them.   But in our relationship to Him, he allows us to choose Him first and every day grow more and more dependent on Him, for truly...what is life without Him.   So, with our earthly parents we make that declaration of independence from them...with our Heavenly Father we need to have hearts that ever long to depend more on Him.   But, in all honestly....I can't imagine not needing to depend on my earthly parents..I don't think I'll ever make my full declaration of independence there.    

Monday, September 1, 2008

Just when you thought I was gone....

It has been busy....that's just what I have to say...busy! Now, I've heard that having kids starting & in school can speed up your life in a way you've never known, which I now know to be true...BUT, to add to that, we moved into this new home & are trying to get all settled before my best friend comes to visit me this week! Oh, so excited about that!! Anyway....I've been absent & I've missed you all. I now have a whole new appreciation for those of you who have kids in school or homeschool and still find time to read and write blogs!!!

Everyone has different convictions on education for their kids. Some stand strongly for Christian school, some feel called to teach their children at home, some enjoy the charter school aspect, and some feel called to public school. Each one has to place their kids where the Lord calls them to be and for us it involves a level of sacrifice. Financially, it's a stretch for us.....but not a good enough reason for us to not be obedient to the Lord's call for our son's education. For when the Lord says "go" know He will provide. My husband went from a 3 minute commute to work, to a 40-50min. commute - each way. A sacrifice for both him & us. When you're obedient to the voice of the Lord though, He will provide & I saw this time & time again when I was growing up...but, I'll save that for another blog.

My son is now in full swing at the Christian school close by. He loves it. But, when he came home the other day & told me about how they learned all about Jesus love for them and Salvation and made a Crown that we'll get in Heaven, it fulled my heart with such great delight.....but, when he said his whole class stopped to pray for his bug bite that had caused his whole hand to swell up....that's when I knew, this my friends is why I put him in Christian school....God saturated in everything.

So, I encourage you....if you have a desire for this or for something else in your life that you feel is financially holding you back or something else is holding you back - first, be obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit and secondly, don't limit what God can do in your life...He's waiting to astound you more than you ever know.....even if it's an every day provision. Why not step out...we did & look at what has happened...our journey has truly been a miracle!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

One final goodbye......

The last box had been packed....all the furniture had been moved out...the house was empty. All that remained was me and my mind & heart filled with the memories of 7 years lived in this home. A newly married woman enjoying her new husband and resting in the comfort of her first home....bringing 3 babies into this home and caring for them each with such tender love. The friends and family that celebrated so many events there....and as I sat, the tears began to flow. I made one final clean up, said my goodbye, and drove away. For in this spot, our journey had ended.....

I now sit in my new home...filled with all our belongings...finally all put in their place (for the most part). Making new memories even after one week. My oldest son starting kindergarten and life as we know it completely changed. The adjustments, the excitement, the love of being close to family, the enjoyment of being able to make the 3 minute walk to our son's Christian school. The new adventure.....

So, although "home" is becoming more and more familiar to me, I remember that home is not necessarily where you lay your head, but more so the family close with you. A lovely structure to call home is very nice and something I'm very grateful for, but the memories I made weren't all about the actual house, but the people in that house & so I brought those memories along with me for the new journey....

PS - I promise that pictures are soon to come!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finally In!

I wish I had pictures to share, but we are finally into our new home & getting settled. It's funny how it takes quite some time to feel like you're home when you move into a new home. We will get there soon enough. Plus, I want things to be looking nice before I send pictures!! :-)

So, after painting last Friday evening and all day Saturday we have freshly painted bedrooms with fun colors and a painted living room. I have my kitchen, bathroom, pantry, & all bedrooms unpacked & boy am I exhausted!! So, today I'm resting. Tomorrow we will do some decorating & finish up unpacking the linen closet and this weekend we will tackle the basement boxes......Still want to paint bathrooms, kitchen & basement but those will come in time.

We are excited though to be in and have it all finally over with. We are getting settled..just in time for my oldest son Caleb to start school on Monday. Oh yes, I'm soon to enter the world of getting out the door early 5 times a week with 3 small children. Praise God we are now so close to his school!

I miss all my blog friends and am sorry I haven't been able to read your blog for awhile, but I will return to the world soon...I think.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Out for a bit....

So, this is what is taking all my time right now.....this is where we'll be moving to this weekend! Hooray! The day is almost upon us! We will be painting, putting in carpet, & moving in...all this weekend.

I will be out of commission for a bit, but want all my blog friends to know that I'll be thinking of you and will be coming back for sure! I'm so far behind on reading & writing, but don't think I'm going away...I'll be back soon enough!

Blessings to all my dear & faithful readers....

Friday, August 1, 2008


Quite a gamut of emotions have seeped into my heart since we’ve begun our packing process. It’s very bitter sweet. For on one hand I’m moving closer to our dear families and I feel I’m moving back home….yet for the past 8 years this has been my home.

This home I’m leaving is our first home. I have (thus far) bore & raised my three boys here, for this is the only home they’ve known. We’ve developed incredible friendships while being here and found an amazing church family.

We’ve also been far from our family for 8 years and so many times just missed running by and saying hello or just the knowing of “being close”. I’ve missed my old stomping grounds and the part of town I was so familiar with. I’m so excited for the great education I know my children will get from the school we’re putting them in, thus part of the reason for moving. I’ve missed my family.

There are pros and cons to everything we do in life. We are leaving dear ones to be closer to dear ones. We are moving from a structure that we put heart, soul, and a lot of sweat in to for it to become our own. But, that’s exactly it….we’re leaving a structure. We make our home what it is. My family is home….our things make it home to us. So no matter where we go, I will always take home with me…and ultimately, there are no cons to my final destination…Home.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Are you arching?

God often refines and molds you during hard times in your life. He takes your fears, worries, hopes, dreams, and thoughts and asks, "Do you trust me"? The thing is, He's always wanting us to trust Him...good & hard times. Do we run to Him during those times or when hard times come up, do we revert back to our old ways of fear, worry, stress, and lack of hope.

When my youngest son Levi was born, he didn't like to snuggle much with me. I would prop him up to burp him or just rock him & he would arch his back and fight it. I always wondered why he just didn't relax and trust me. As his mom I so badly wanted to just love on him and he just wanted to look around. The other day I realize that for quite a few months now, he leans into longer arching and seems to enjoy snuggling with me, especially when he's tired. It does something to the insides of me in an almost peaceful, loving, & joyful rest. In all actuality it brings me great delight...for he's leaning into me...he trusts me to take care of him.

When the hard times in our lives come we need to stop arching our back, trying to look in every other direction and just trust the Lord. For when we just lean into Him we find peace, rest, and complete safety. He loves us so very much and when I stop fighting and surrender to His plan then I find leaning into Him is the most wonderful place to be. Imagine how He feels.....

Monday, July 28, 2008

A big box....

I need boxes right now...and lots of them. Packing all our everyday and not so everyday possessions is more than I thought it would be. I remind myself as I pack everything to not grumble but be thankful for all the Lord has provided for us.

My husband brought home a really big box today & I have needed really big boxes. Instead of being filled with possessions, it's being filled with 2 little boys. Hours of entertainment as the toys just sit and watch. "Don't mess up or rip the box, boys. I'm going to need that for packing."....((((rip)))....((((tear))))....oh dear...not the big box. Next the box is being pushed all over the living room by the youngest who in actuality gets pushed over by the big box. Oh, I needed that big box.

I get so trapped by the stresses of this life. So, maybe one of our big boxes gets ripped and torn to shreds....there are more big boxes in this world, but I need it. But more than my need is the sounds of pure joy and laughter as I watch my children find great pleasure in a big box. Ah, for the days when not ripping a big box of moms was all I had to worry about. Enjoy the box, my boys for nothing brings me more joy than you.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I got an AWARD!!

My friend Mariel at Growing in Godliness gave me this award!! Thank you so much Mariel!! I've enjoyed so much reading her depth of insight into the Word and the passion she has for Christ. She loves the Lord and His Word and it's very evident!

Part of the fun though of this award from her is that I was tagged to fill you in on 6 random things about me. Oh, things deep in the depths of my life that you've never known....hmmm....oh, are you in such suspense? :-) Ok, here we go!!

1. I took piano lessons for 11 years and entered several competitions - never won though.
2. I LOVE a new Bible. I'm spoiled in that I have so many...
3. I know some might think this inappropriate, but I LOVE to write all the things God is teaching me in my Bible because I honestly never go back and read my journal, but I open my Bible all the time.
4. Like Mariel, I HAVE to make my bed every morning..I hate getting into an unmade bed.
5. At parties, I usually win the award for having the most lipsticks/lipglosses in my purse. Can anyone beat 26? ....Remember, I LOVE makeup! :-)
6. I love to organize and be in charge. Someday I would love to be used by the Lord to speak at women's conferences or women's gatherings....thought about talking someday about weight issues and how God can use that in your life...just a dream. God would have to make the doors really clear because when I get in front of people & talk I am SO nervous & I usually cry.

Anyone else want to join in & share with your blog world 6 random facts about you??

Friday, July 25, 2008

A busy week...

Spray parks, movies, amusement parks, birthday parties, house stuff....these are all the things that have occupied our time this week. I had decided that I had been so occupied with all the details & things for the sale/purchase of our homes that I had not given my children the time they deserved. So, this week I was taking a break & we were having fun!

Yes, we had a blast...but, the term "taking a break" was way off! I've been busier doing these fun activities than I have been in a long time, but it was well worth it to see the joy in my son's eyes. But, I remember why I find is easier to stay home right is one of those days. Rest, catching up with laundry and cleaning, hanging out at home, remembering the toys we have here....peace. What I realized was that even after days of being away from home, even my boys started to behave out of the norm for they were tired too.

This made me think of our relationship with the Lord. We busy our selves with things of Him, which in & of itself is a good thing, but at the price of enjoying the peace & rest of the Lord and quite honestly...missing Him. There are times when I forget to just sit down in my own home & enjoy my children and I wonder if the Lord feels the same way about us. Bringing joy to my children doesn't require me to fill their lives with activities...I found that all they want is me. The Lord doesn't want us to fill our lives with activities because all He wants is us. Because being so busy doing things for Him can really, truly cause us to miss Him.

So, today we slow down & enjoy the peace of being at home just playing with each other. And I remember that the Lord wants me to just slow down and enjoy the peace of being at Home with Him.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Learning again

This my friends is our new home....

The wonder of His grace than even amidst my doubt, He provides.

His love that is so deep that He would choose to refine & prune my heart.

The Words of Life He reminded me of..."Do you think I don't see your troubles?"

The friend He used that encouraged me to change my attitude, enjoy the ride, and trust His heart. Thank you friend...I needed you that day & you were amazing.

The husband that calmed my fears even amidst his own worries. Love, words can't express....

The faith & trust He's building in our hearts as we step beyond what we think we can do & trust in what He can do....Obedience.

Hoping to remember next time how to trust Him completely & not fall into my human habits of falling apart.

Remembering to have "Faith in this journey"....for it's a life long process.

Thankful...thankful to a God who humbles my heart time & time again.....Thankful.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The blessing of family....

Family is something that's very dear & cherished to me. Being closer to our families is one of the main reasons we are moving 35minutes across town. I've been blessed with a family that supports, encourages, loves and stands by us no matter what. It's a gift from the Lord to not only have one side of the family that is such a blessing & that knows the Lord, but both sides! Thank you Lord for the blessing of family.

These are just a few pictures from our July 4th celebration! We start the day with homemade French toast breakfast hosted by my grandparents! It's so delicious!! We then proceed to my parent's house for a BBQ and then we walk down the street to the park for the fireworks. It was a fun day filled with special family memories....Oh, & the above picture is my brother who loves to be silly with my boys. It was suppose to be a crazy picture & that was the best Caleb could do! See who's more experienced?! He's a great uncle!

Have a wonderful weekend and whether it be with your immediate family or your extended family, enjoy every moment!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Isaiah 40: 27-31

"O Jacob, how can you say the Lord does not see your troubles?
O Israel, how can you say God ignores your rights?
Have you never heard?
Have you never understood?

The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of all the earth.
He never grows weak or weary.
No on can measure the depths of his understanding.
He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless.
Even youths will become weak and tired, and young men will fall in exhaustion.

BUT...those who TRUST IN THE LORD will find new strength.
They will SOAR high on wings like eagles.
They will run and NOT GROW WEARY.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...

So in love with this man.....

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Wonder of it all....

When you're shopping for a new home, waiting for your current home contract to all go through & hoping that it does..well, it can cause stress, worry, fear, being uptight, anxiousness, jealously, pride, anger, excitement, disappointment, doubt, joy, happiness, thankfulness, tears, contentment, trust, remembering that God is faithful, and even love.

These are a few of the emotions that have entered my heart since we have begun this journey, most of which I'm not proud of. We are still waiting.... But what I realize is that I haven't leaned on the Lord, prayed and dug into His Word like I have until recently for quite some time. Sad, I know. I'm thankful for a God that doesn't give up on me and longs to be gracious to us. He has the best in mind for us...He knows where we need to live...He knows who needs to buy this current home....He knows.

A friend of my mom's gave this verse to me and I've really been clinging to it. Psalm 50:15 "Trust me in your times of trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me the glory." I know the Lord uses everything in our lives to bring glory to His name...not ours, His. Recently we went to have lunch with my husband at work. There were several other teachers in the lunchroom with us and they were asking how in the world we sold our house in this market so quickly. Dan & I were almost silent for a moment and then I just spouted out..."'s only Him that could have done this." As I was driving home I felt the Lord share with me that that is what it looks like to bring glory to Him. In a room of ladies who we are not sure where they are with the Lord, we were able to give all credit to God.

So, even though in all honestly I'm still praying through & seeking the Lord's forgiveness on some of those "bad" emotions, I'm excited to give all the glory to the Lord. He's faithful, oh so faithful. I trust you Lord...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

You know you're from Colorado when....

So, for those of you that don't know, I live in the amazingly, beautiful State of Colorado. I read this on a friend of mines blog & thought I'd give some insight into how we think out here...some of it you might not get at all & some might shed some light on some things. Have a great day friends!!

A winter statistic:


You're from Colorado if...
-You'll eat ice cream in the winter.
-When the weather report says it's going to be 65 degrees, you shave your legs and wear a skirt.
-It snows 5 inches and you don't expect school to be cancelled.
-You'll wear flip flops every day of the year, regardless of temperature.
-You have no accent at all, but can hear other people's. And then you make fun of them. (I don't. I like southern accents seeing as lived the 1st 10 years of my life in the south)
-'Humid' is over 25%.
-Your sense of direction is: Toward the mountains and Away from the mountains.
-You say 'the interstate' and everybody knows which one.
-You think that May is a totally normal month for a blizzard, but then it's like Spring the next day.
-You buy your flowers to set out on Mother's day, but try and hold off planting them until just before Father's day.
-You know what the Continental Divide is.
-You don't think Coors beer is that big a deal. (The Coors plant is in Colorado)
-You went to Casa Bonita as a kid, and as an adult. {really gross food, very fun entertainment for kids}
-You've gone off-roading in a vehicle that was never intended for such activities.
-You always know the elevation of where you are.
-You wake up to a beautiful, 80 degree day and you wonder if it's going to snow tomorrow.

**You don't care that some company renamed it, the Broncos still play at Mile High**
-Every movie theater has military and student discounts.
-Everybody wears jeans to church.
-You actually know that ** South Park ** is a real place not just a show on TV.
-You know what a 'trust fund hippy' is, and you know its natural habitat is Boulder
-You know you're talking to a fellow Coloradoan when they call it Elitches, not Six Flags.
-A bear on your front porch doesn't bother you.
-Your two favorite teams are the Broncos and whoever is beating the crap out of the Raiders.
-When people out East tell you they have mountains in their state too, you just laugh.
-You go anywhere else on the planet and the air feels 'sticky' and you notice the sky is no longer blue.

Friday, July 11, 2008

What do you think??

So...the question remains....can an almost 33 year old get by with wearing her hair like this????

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Always in training....

I took my sweet boys all to the store with me today...Yikes! I know we've all been there...I decided to be brave and tackle the store with all 3 boys BY MYSELF because I needed something very important at Target. I felt I just couldn't go another moment without it and really, it was an essential. I was already out & about, so I thought..."I'll swing by & just go in real quick"...right.

I have one child in the seat up front, one child in the back of the cart, and one walking beside me. They touch everything...they pull things off the shelves as I'm trying to look at these cute shoes on clearance. They would like to look at every toy in every isle, they want popcorn for the ride.

What kind of mother am I that would allow this kind of behavior? This is the thought I had BEFORE I had children. I would look at other mothers and their kids and think, "they need to get their kids under control". Open mouth...insert foot! Oh, how I now understand. I now get the look myself and I now just give an understanding chuckle & the mother to mother nod you give that says..."been there, understand".

Our children are going to push us to the limits...they are testing our boundaries...seeing how far they can go. I have heard & read that truly deep down children desire discipline from us for that in itself shows them love. We are training hearts....we are raising them not to be happy, but to be holy. If we have taught them manners, morals, and so many other things, but have not shown them Jesus, then we have failed. All are important, but all pales in comparison to Jesus.
So, amidst my training again today in the store and teaching them what obedience looks like there and trying to maintain control while buying my very essential item, I learn that I grab "things" off shelves and try to do my own thing with the Lord but sometimes I need to sit still, fold my hands, be obedient and listen to that sweet voice from the Lord....

And it was all worth it because when all was said and done I was able to get my very important essential item.....Chocolate.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Control has got to be a disease with me. We all want it...we strive for it...we go after it & most times, we don't get it. We want to be in charge of the situation, the circumstance, the issue.

My house is a disaster. After having it in tip top shape for 1 1/2 months for showings, it is now sold and we have let things go. The problem is, I loved having it so clean all the time. Yet, now I've lost control as toys are tossed everywhere....boxes are piling up in my home and honestly, the mess drives me nuts. I have no control and even amidst my best efforts, there's always something to clean or pick up. It's ever constant & I'm exhausted from even the thoughts of what I need to do.

There are many things in my life right now that are out of my control. The big one being that I'm waiting to hear back from the offer we put on a home. It's a foreclosure so the bank tends to take longer than your average sale. So we wait...and if we counter-offer, well then we wait again. I'm reminded of that verse in Proverbs. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not onto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths." LEAN NOT ON MY OWN UNDERSTANDING....HE WILL DIRECT MY PATH IF I TRUST HIM!!!!

So, we might want control in things, but I'll never really get it because I trust a Savior that I desire to lay everything at the feet of. And if truth be told, deep down...I'm thankful He has the control and not me.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Saying my piece!

"The Pew poll out last week reveals that 82 percent of Protestants believe there are multiple paths to salvation, as do 79 percent of Catholics and 57 percent of evangelicals."

As a believer in Jesus Christ, these statistics are very disturbing to me. I marvel at the fact that even in the Christian realm we interpert the Bible so differently. Did I miss something in the verse in the Bible that says, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me"?

Last night I was listening to a Christian program on the radio and they were talking about the latest book called The New Earth. Oprah has highly recommended it. The problem....deception. He's taken the Bible and our beliefs in God and twisted them to how he wants them to be and so many people embrace it as "the way". He's completely wrong.

One thing I've learned in my years growing up reading the Word and being a believer in Jesus Christ is that many deceivers will come along, the main one being the anti-christ. There's part of me that can understand why a non-believer would fall into this trap, but I'm saddened at times at the fact of so many believers in Jesus falling into this same trap of deception. But, I've always known that the enemy loves to work inside the camp and destroy it from the inside out.

Believers...end times are upon us! Being in the Word of God is the only way we're going to know if something or someone is a wolf in sheep's clothing. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is only ONE WAY to Jesus! ONE!...through Him. We must be strong and deliver Light to this world. We must stand for Him and not let the deception of the enemy creep into our understanding of who we know He is. For I know that in the end....we win...God wins...He's already won! Praise the Lord!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Really, 8 years already???

In the blink of an eye...8 years has passed since the day I walked down the isle ready to begin a new adventure with the love of my life.

I met my husband the summer of 1999. He was setting up a volleyball net at a park where a good friend of mine and I always played with our church group...every Sunday afternoon. It wasn't love at first sight for either of us, but didn't take long before my heart was all his. Guys weren't much interested in me prior to my love. So, when I first began talking with him and found that he was interested in me and my life, it was a shock to my system. Although because of his cool sunglasses and totally awesome car, I thought he might be a bit cocky...boy, was I wrong.

One evening after a game of volleyball he asked for my email address. He was having such a hard time remembering it that he finally said, "Here, you remember mine & email me." So...I did. We emailed solid for 2 weeks and I don't mean little emails...we emailed books. I was amazed at how I got to know this man through email and discovered he was the most amazing man I'd ever known and realized he had a heart unlike I'd ever come across. I knew within the first 2 weeks of dating him that he was the one for me. The rest of our story was nothing but divine intervention...for we knew that the Lord was in it all. By March of 2000 he proposed to me and on June 30th, 2000, we were married. I remember so many details of that day, but the thing that I remember the most is having those church doors open and seeing my love standing there waiting for me...tears in his eyes....saying our vows...committing our lives to each other.

My love, every day of our lives together has been a joy to me. You're my best friend, my love and it's truly my honor and delight to be married to you. The Lord far exceeded my expectations when He gave you to me. Thank you for the love you have for us and the love you have for Him. I'm forever yours and I love you dearly....

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A stranger approaching...

It never ceases to amaze me at the way that God chooses to bless us....especially when we aren't looking. Minding our own business, doing the day to day routine and then BAMM, you look up & there He is...not realizing He was always there.

Recently our family decided to walk around a local, outside shopping center, have some dinner and just relax together as a family. From a distance I noticed a lady and she looked familiar but I just went on my merry way. Not a couple minutes later she tapped me on the shoulder and re-introduced herself to me and began sharing with me a blessing. She attended MOPS the year I was apart of leadership. As the leadership team we would take our turn getting up in front of the entire group for about 5 minutes and sharing something God had placed on our heart & just allowing the ladies attending to get to know us better. Along came my morning to share....I was big and pregnant with my third son, emotional, and feeling huge. I was exhausted from keeping up with two other young boys, but taking a deep breath as I was having some fellowship with my adult friends.

I thought & thought about what to share that morning and God laid something on my heart that I personally had been learning...where my true identity lies. So often as moms we find our identity in how our home looks, or our children, or our spouse, and we forget that our identity only comes in Christ. After I said my piece I then played a song..."You are the potter, I am the clay. Master, Creator, Take My life...."

I think that day I spoke more to myself than anyone. I walked away with a few comments on how much what I said ministered to them....trying to turn them back to "all glory be to God."

So, there we were...a year later with my family at the shopping center and this lady who I recognized but never met personally walks up to me and says to me, "You have no idea how God used what you said at MOPS that day." She proceeded to tell me her story and the identity crisis she was in at that time in her life. Then she said it..."thank you...thank you for being used by the Lord to minister to me." LORD, HOW YOU BLESS ME WHEN I LEAST EXPECT IT. She took the time to come my way because she wanted me to feel encouraged that maybe when I thought I was not affecting anyone, that the Lord used me...what?!...used me? Her exact words were, "When you thought you might not have been making a difference, just know you made a difference in my life."

I was humbled beyond words....for what happened that day is that she ministered to me. For when I wasn't looking I was still making a difference, but what she didn't realize is that her words to me that day made a huge difference in my heart...for the Lord used her.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What's God Doing?!

Have you ever been so humbled because you realize you're right smack dap in the center of God's favor?   Now, I know as believers we receive God's favor & grace unmeasurably, but have you ever felt that extra special touch?  

We feel in that spot right now & it's overwhelmingly humbling.   Not a couple days after I posted my "Expectations" posting we received an offer on our house.   What is the complete miracle and "it's so great it's almost comical" (as our realtor stated) is that they offered almost full price, which in this economy of homes in our area is only from God.  We are definitely excited, but also praying for a few more hoops we need to jump through like the inspection & appraisal.   But, we know that if this is God's plan for us that all will work out, including providing a new home for us. We've now looked at around 25 homes and are still looking!   So, this is a huge praise!!  

So, I feel humbled and in a spot where my heart is overflowing with thankfulness and just a spot in which I realize this is God's plan for us and He's making a way.   It's a joy & privilege to be in the center of His will...but, still trying to lay all those expectations in His hands.....

Friday, June 20, 2008


Even though I don't like to offend anyone & want everyone to like me, I decided to say my piece about the Presidential race that is taking place right now. I recently was sent a Youtube video, (which just simply stated facts) on Obama and I honestly was shocked. I believe (my opinion) that it will be a sad day if he becomes President and not only that, but a scary day for America.

Now, let me just clear the air and express that it has nothing to do with his race because I have absolutely no problems with having an African American President. What it has to do with is the things he stands for, the people he's been involved with, and the lack of patriotism I've seen. How can a man that doesn't seem to be passionate about America and love it - lead it? And I heard the other day on a Christian talk show that he's only served 143 days in office...not very much.

As some friends & I were talking about this, I ultimately had to come back to the knowledge of what we know about end times. We, as believers in Jesus Christ know that things aren't really going to be better. Things are going to get harder & worse...BUT, the overwhelming excitement is that He's coming back for us!! In the meantime, I know that God is in complete control and whether we see it or not, He has control over everything....even who's our President.

So, there you have it...a little piece of my mind about this. No offense if you don't agree, but I could send you that Youtube video..... :-)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...almost

A joy like unlike I've never known....

Monday, June 16, 2008


Expectations can be joy killers.....

This is the new revelation in my life. I'm sure it has been around and out there for awhile, but expectations can be very disheartening. People will always disappoint for they are human. We get in our minds a certain opinion about someone or a certain expectation from them that we have and then an occurrence happens and you're disappointed sometimes even shocked. "I didn't expect that from them" or "I thought I knew this person". Then I sit on my high & mighty stool and think how much better I am only to come crashing down almost instantly and thankfully amidst my arrogance, God catches me and tells me to straighten up!

Then, we have our expectations of God. We fit Him nicely into "our plans" and we ultimately pray for God's will, but deep inside our hearts we have our own agenda. We expect and want God to work it out "our way"...for surely He would do it our way...for I am Earen, I know best! CRASH!

I had my plan this summer for our house selling and us finding a new home & being all moved by the end of August when my son starts school. And although we've only had our house on the market a month & we had about 12 showings (which I hear is a good thing), I'm not hearing the words I want to hear right now..."your house is sold" Now, this all might still happen and that's what I'm praying for, but my expectations are destroying my joy for the present. I find myself disappointed that God isn't doing what I want Him to do. Then I fall into worry and fret and distrust. I read something by Ruth Graham that said that Worship & worry can't go together and it can destroy faith. Isn't that so very true in our lives.

What I'm realizing is that it is in the waiting where the joy really lies because we have no's not about us..and we are in complete reliance on the Lord. I can't make "my agenda" happen in this situation, I have to wait.

And you know, I would wait all over again because the real joy of waiting is the refining & molding lessons we learn of Him. For He's teaching me so much....teaching me that it's really only the expectation of Himself and Heaven that will ever fully satisfy.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A friend, a lover, a Daddy...

Tears swelled in his eyes the day he had his boys....and this man doesn't cry often.

I see him in action every, single day. Despite his exhaustion after a long day at work, he steps into Father/Husband role without any complaining or hesitation. He's super-dad!

As he steps in that door at the end of a long day, it's very evident how much his boys adore him. And amidst that adoration for his children, he loves wrestling, snuggling, and watching them even when they aren't looking. For it's very evident how much he loves his children...his family.

This man is my amazing husband. I've never once heard him complain about all the hard work he does so that I have the privilege of staying home with our boys. He helps me around the house and with the boys without even a word from my mouth. He takes care of us with relentless passion and a loving heart.

I prayed for this man for 23 years of my life before the Lord brought him to me. I never knew the extent of which the Lord blessed me beyond my wildest hopes and dreams...then one day there he was. He's so passionate about us and I watch in his eyes a cherishing of every moment with us. Then he had 3 boys and I saw a love in him grow unlike any I'd ever known. As a tear rolled down his cheek when each son was born, a pride welled inside of him for he had 3 sons....3 sons to carry on his family name...3 sons to instill honor, integrity, and love.

But, what I see most in this man is an undying passion for Christ and a desire to pass it on to his next generation of family. To see his desire to read the Word and pray with his boys every night..well, these are some of the glimpses of "far beyond my wildest hopes and dreams."

And just when I've seen every moment to fill my heart, he surprises me again by putting himself aside to lift us up beyond his own desires. Happy Father's Day my's an honor being your wife and a treasure to my heart to watch you be such an amazing Daddy to our boys. They are so blessed to have you and if they turn out anything like you, they will be the most honorable, kind, Christ following, and loving men I know. I love you...

Friday, June 13, 2008

My Daddy....

He is a handsome man…He always jokes to others that they probably think he looks like Robert Redford but to me, he is my Daddy.

He is the first man I ever loved…..

From the moment he held me in his arms, I knew I was his.

I watched my parents this past weekend as they gave away their son in marriage. My Daddy gave me away almost 8 years ago walking me down the isle toward my love, but this time it was different for my parents. For they were already seated.

As I watched my Dad, I saw a pride in his face, a love in his heart, a sadness in the depths of him as he was letting ago another one of his own…both of them letting go another child of theirs that they’d poured their everything in to.

I sat back in admiration remembering the time of my wedding and how special it was for me and my Dad. Flashes of all my Dad has done for me over the years went through my mind as I sat there & watched him give his first born son away.

A gratefulness washed over me this past weekend for both my parents. Now that I have children of my own, I see the sacrifice and service involved in being a parent. I am grateful for a Dad who was always there…always supported and encouraged us…always loved us…always loved me.

Life is changing in our family…marriages, new little lives…time is moving on. Now as I watch him hold my children in his arms, I see the love he has for them and remember looking at him the same way they do. Admiration, love, and respect…for who he is to all of us…for all he’s done for each of us…and for the amazing Daddy that he is to me.

Happy Father’s Day Daddy….my heart is forever grateful for you. I love you so very dearly. Thank you for all you’ve done for us…When you don’t think all you do is being notice, know that it is and there will never be words to express my gratitude. There’s no one like you and don’t forget…you might have given me away 8 years ago, but I’ll always be your little girl.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...ok, a few words....

It happens when you least expect it and you realize again that you've loved this man for as long as you can remember.   And you see that in our lives time has slipped away and yet there is a cherished volume of memories that only your heart can hold.   And the moments keep coming....

When I saw this picture of my Papa I knew he'd always been mine and always will be.... I love you Papa.  Thank you for being an amazing Daddy to my mom.  You are an amazing Papa!   My cup runneth over...........

Monday, June 9, 2008

The wedding weekend!

This weekend was amazing!  I so enjoyed every, single moment as we celebrated my brother & sister in law's wedding.   I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with family and friends and celebrating in the new journey by brother is now taking.   My parent's hosted an amazing rehearsal dinner at the Olive Garden.  She took the time to decorate & planned an evening of stories from several of the groomsmen as well as a slide show that my husband put together of pictures.   

This is Dan & I before the wedding!  Doesn't he look amazingly handsome!!

This is myself doing a sexy pose and then my beautiful, new sister in law & the bridesmaids.    The dresses and flowers were just gorgeous and she did a fabulous job picking!  Her family was so delightful and we were very thankful for all they did!

My amazing parents who did so much to make this weekend special for my brother.  I love them so!
My dad looked so handsome and my mom was beautiful in her new dress and shoes that were killing her feet!

The dashingly handsome brothers.  And of course the one standing by me is the one who got married.  My sweet sister Jill who was delighted to be there too.   

I could just go on & on about the amazing weekend that I had.  I was so proud of my brother and felt blessed by this new, sweet woman joining our family.   Everything went so smoothly.   The reception hall was decorated beautiful and the food was amazing.   We danced a bit and I enjoyed having that time with my main man!   It was a weekend I'll never forget & I felt honored to be apart of it all! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Worship & a video

The melody..the harmony....the 

Music used to be a huge part of my life.   Piano lessons, choir, worship team, singing, was a major part of me.  Then life started going in a different direction for me...not intentionally, just happened.    I continue to love music, but deep inside of me has never left the love of worship.   There's no other place closer to the Lord that I feel than during worship. When I come across a song that the words and music have such an annointing, it captivates my heart.  

I recently was helping my husband work on the slide show that we'll be showing at my brother's wedding this weekend.   My part, picking out the music.   I came across a Christian musician named Meredith Andrews.   Forgive me if she's been around for awhile & I'm just now discovering her...remember, I have children & three at that.   We listen to toddler tunes, and various children's music.   

I immediately loved her music, her words, her worship....through all of these things shines an evidence of her passion for the Lord.   So, we bought the whole album off Amazon & I love it!  I wanted you to check out one of her videos.   Enjoy!  

Monday, June 2, 2008

The wedding!!

My dear, sweet brother.....there are only 4 more days until he's married to this beautiful woman that is joining our family.   They've been dating for 2 years and finally the day has arrived.   This is their engagement picture.  He wanted to show off his Fireman gear & aren't they just a beautiful couple?!  

You know, it's been a weird roller coaster of emotions for me this week.  My brother and I have been away from the place we called "home" growing up for awhile now and yet I didn't know I would feel this way inside.  We have always been close....he's always been my brother...he's been my best friend.   I am so proud of my brother.   He's the man I always knew he'd be and I have no doubts he will make an incredible husband.  I almost feel as if I'm letting him go...and I'm just the sister.   They definitely won't be out of our lives and thankfully living close by, but there's another woman that has become so very dear to him.   It's how God designed it to be.   My heart is just filled to overflowing today because he's all I thought he'd be and more...a man of integrity, honor, and love for the Lord.  And now we are welcoming a dear, sweet woman that is filling his heart with amazing joy!  

Thank you again!

For my friend Alana who hosted a fun flip flop they are again!   I'm enjoying them tons Rohl Call!  Thank you again!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

My little love....

You were a surprise from the moment I found out about you.....I wasn't ready, at least I didn't think I was.  God had different plans and I'm SO GLAD He did.   

For the last year you've been nothing but an absolute delight, my little Levi.   I waited and waited for you and a week after you were suppose to be born you finally decided to grace us with your presence at a whopping 8lbs weren't messing around.   And what I thought to be a big baby turned to be such a blessing...for you ate so well right from the start, slept well immediately and have been such an easy baby.   

I love everything about you little man.  Your little bald head that is now sprouting precious blond curls....Your sweet smile that appeared almost from the moment you came out....your laid back personality and "go with the flow" mentality....Your sweet little lips that call my name and so many other things already....The love you show me when you lay your head on my chest and snuggle....the gift of life you were given, for truly you are a gift to us.   

So, you might have been a surprise to us sweet Levi, but you're one of the best surprises we've ever had and I'd do it all over again.   My heart is so in love with you.   

As you grow up to be an amazing man, may your heart seek the Lord passionately & fervently all the days of your life.  May you have a boldness for Christ unlike any other and may He be all you hope and dream for.   In a world that's full of so many supposed happy things, all that truly matters is Him.   For as much as I love you and am so thankful for the gift of you....He loves you more, for you are His.  

I love you my little love....Happy Birthday!
Your Mama 

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Balls in the air....

Awe and wonder....this is what I observed in the eyes of my 2 older boys last night. Dad finally had come home and they were playing baseball and just enjoying some time with Dad. They love that. At one point in time my husband started throwing the ball as high as he could into the air. You should have seen the look of delight in the boys eyes and the wonder on their faces! Those looks were telling me how amazing they thought their Dad could he do that?! They would laugh and then say, "Do it again it again!"

Then in one of my epiphany moments I thought, "Do I have that kind of awe for my Heavenly Father?"

I watch in so many areas as the glow in their eyes tells me all I need to know. They adore their dad. "Can I go outside with you dad?...Can I help you mow the grass?....Can I go to the store with you?....Can we play outside with you?....Do you want to play basketball, Dad?"

It brings me great joy - the relationship they have with their Daddy. I want to have that awe and amazement for my Heavenly Father....I continually want to love & adore Him in a way that only comes in the look of His

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

His Favorite!

I admit it...I want to be everyone's favorite.    I want everyone to like me tell me their deepest thoughts & desires, first.   Me.    

Does that sound prideful or what?  But, it's least for me.   I've known this about myself for a long time and I think it stems from feeling like I was no ones favorite when I was little - at least not with friends.    I remember having to work really hard to have any friends and maybe that's it...I tried too hard.

These feelings rooted their ugly head again this past week and I had to ask myself, "Why?"  The Lord has blessed me tremendously with some amazing friends and yet because of the situation I found myself in, I was feeling less desired as a friend.   And you know what, it was a lie straight from the pit of hell itself!   I quickly  (ok, somewhat quickly) worked through it and tried to fight past the false thoughts that had filled my head, but alas they were there.   

Isn't that just like the enemy to sneak into our thoughts, our relationships, our lives and try to ruin them.   From one little false lie I found myself discouraged & unloved...but, it was my own pity party because it wasn't based on the TRUTH!    The TRUTH of His Word and who He says I am!  

So, I'm reminded today of all the amazing friends I have and know that I might be the favorite, I might not be and I'm striving to be grounded in the Truth that all that matters is that I'M HIS FAVORITE!    

Monday, May 26, 2008

Guess what I got???

My friend Alana hosted a flip flop exchange and guess what I got in the mail?

Thank you Lynn from Rohl Call !!

YOU'RE AWESOME LYNN! Not only did she bless with me with some fabulous, cute, pink flip flops, but she even included a beautiful jewelry set! How very sweet and thoughtful of you Lynn! Thank you so much! I loved it all!!

On a side can see that I'm VERY behind on reading & writing these days. Not to worry though...I'm not lost! I will be back soon, but until then...I'm enjoying an extra long weekend with my husband off.

Oh, & Bethanne...I'm so glad your back! I missed you!!

Thank you again Lynn...And thank you Alana for initiating this! How fun!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This week is not a fun eating week....It's a Detox week. The new eating lifestyle program I began back in the fall was suppose to be started with a 7 day detox, but alas I couldn't do it because I was nursing...much to my relief at the time.

I finished nursing my baby last week so I decided that since I had gotten a little slack on my eating that I would plunge in & detox my body. Clean myself out of the sugar and all the junk. Boy, does it STINK!! ARGG!!

This is only my 2nd day and it's a discipline that I haven't experienced for awhile. Yes, I do feel I've been somewhat disciplined in my eating seeing as I've lost 44lbs, but for the past couple months I've just sat here...exercising, but staying the same because I'm not eating as well. So, I decided it's time to straighten up because I have a good 30 more pounds to go.

And of course as I've been dealing with a dull headache, self control as I've been really missing my coffee, and just a dying to self...I've realized something. Detoxing our bodies of the junk has so many parallels to detoxing our lives and hearts of this world. It's a joy to serve the Lord, but sometimes there are things that just aren't fun and we die to self's a discipline. Truly, detoxing our lives of all that is us so that He can be glorified and that our hearts can be purified for Him, just like my body will be purified and rid of the cravings that I know aren't good for me.

What cravings do I need to detox in my spiritual life? What areas am I still serving this world?

So, as I pursue this detox and rid my body of junk and replace it with health, I know that even though it's hard that in the end I'm learning way more of the eternal that I realized...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Believer or Christian

I was watching a clip from American Idol the other day...not sure if it was an old re-run or from the new show, but what I saw really caused me to think.

A young man came in for an audition and Simon Cowell said to him, "I see here that it says you're a believer?" He then proceeded to ask him, "A believer of what?" Of course I knew right away what he meant and I was astounded as I saw this young man lay out Christ & salvation to Simon right before my eyes. And I realized that the term "believer" is really what I prefer when people ask me what my religion is....although I don't like the word "religion" but prefer personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The main term used today is "I'm a Christian." But this term has become so loosely used by our culture that now people who simply wear crosses around their neck are assumed to be a Christian. Now, I don't want to play judge because only the Lord truly knows one's heart, but WHAT DOES "CHRISTIAN" MEAN TO YOU? Have you realized how many people think they are Christians and yet they are the farthest thing from Christian....just look at the fruit they produce or the lives they live.

Being a Christian means that you're a follower of Christ. Not of this world or anything of it. Being a Christian means that you've prayed and asked Jesus to be your personal Savior and Lord of ALL of your life. Being a Christian means that you follow His path & will for your life and realize that you are His & He is yours. Being a Christian means you've asked the Lord to forgive you of your sins and accept the grace He's given knowing that it's not by our works but by Him alone.

Being a Christian means that you're a believer....Then I hope to get the question, "A believer of what?"

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Changing things up??

About a month ago, we felt the prompting of the Lord that it was a time for a change in our family. It's a big change for us and we are really having to trust the Lord for His timing & trusting that "my" plan might not be His plan.

We have decided to sell our home and move about 30minutes further north in our city. The biggest reason for this new adventure is to be closer to our families. What a blessing that will be! Other than the Lord and each other, our families mean everything to us. I've wanted to live closer to family for awhile now, but my husband works 3 minutes from our current home at a local elementary school - one in which he's not leaving & will now have a long commute. Yes, he's awesome! The other big reason is that God has put a desire in my husband and my heart for our children to attend Christian school. Yes, it's expensive and we really will be trusting the Lord to provide the finances. The Christian school by my family is fabulous and the one in which I graduated from and where my dad is currently one of the principals. My boys will have many amazing opportunities there, not to mention a Godly education. Of course the passion for this runs deep in me as I come from a family of passionate Christian educators.

So, this is a big move for us and one in which we are trusting the Lord. We know that it will be God if our home sells, but we completely trust Him to care for us & we know He can do it without any problems. I have my own little plan in my mind, but I need to completely rest in His plan.

I'm excited to move...excited to live closer to my family. But at the same time I desire to be excited for God's plan for us. For God's guidance & direction for us....I just hope it's moving! :-)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

You know your mom's favorite when.....

This is SO me...of course I'm the bird getting the food! I've teased my family for years that we all know that I'M THE FAVORITE!! Another insight into my amazing personality! Now, are you all convinced what a big head I sometimes have?!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Being a mama....

I've been one for 5 years now...a mama, that is. Just seems like yesterday that I began this journey in which my life would forever be changed.

The tiny life that formed in my womb...the breath of lungs that was evident as a foot kicked my rib.

The life I held in my arms for the first time and gave nourishment from my very being.

The first walk...first crawl...first word...first tooth...first smile.

The maturing that happened when I looked away for just a little while.

The privilege of leading these little hearts to love the Lord & give their hearts to Him.

The poopy diapers, the sleepless nights of worry, the discipline that you hate but shows truly how much you love them, the sweat, the tears, the happy, the proud, the love....

And as the time passes you realize it's true that every day is worth it. Every sacrifice would be given again. Every hug given millions more. Every spoken word of Truth never in vain. And you understand that these little lives are a gift. A breath taking picture of a little soul in the very image of their Creator.

For I know that one day I will look back and wish for these times again, for life passes by so quickly. But, I'm thankful for the moment because I'm a Mama. And for the joy of these three little men in my life, I'd do every, single moment...all over again.

Happy Mother's Day to you all!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


It's raining here today....we don't get rain too often. I love the rain....the way is makes me want to cuddle up on my couch and watch a movie with my family. The way it makes everything green. The way it can cool things down on a hot, summer day. The comfort it seems to bring....

Our big tree in the back yard is done blooming with its gorgeous yellow flowers and has now turned to green leaves. Our trees in our front yard are gradually growing all the green leaves that it can hold. It seems as if overnight they all appear. The rain is helping this all grow.

The ground soaks up the rain as if it has been parched for months....well, because usually it has. It is thankful for the drink it's taking in...the life it's being given.

When was the last time I really soaked in Christ....really. I read the Bible and pray, but when is the last time we really allowed it to soak into our parched hearts? It is giving me life, but am I growing or have I fulfilled my "quota" for the day. I do believe that no matter what, reading the Word is going into our hearts and brings life, but I want this "rain" to go deeply. I want to soak the Word in and it saturate every part of my being.

So, I watch the rain outside and know the peace and comfort it gives me....and I desire Him to saturate every part of my being through His life giving Word. There's so much there we haven't even begun to grasp.............

Sunday, May 4, 2008


I think I can vouch for most people in that we all love pictures. And as bloggers, we love to see pictures of things we write about or events that took place. It adds to the description...we now have a visual image. There have been blogs I've read and I don't know what that person looks like. But once they put a picture up of themselves it's like a "ahh" moment for us in that we now share deeper in their writing since we know what they look like.

As I was thinking about pictures and enjoying looking at so many of yours, I thought about the fact that not many of us have truly, physically seen Christ. We've all seen the movie depictions of him or what might be painted in a picture, or possibly what He might have "humanly" looked like back in the day..but none of us really knows what He looks like. We've never seen His picture...I don't think He really has a picture...He just is. If we did see a picture of Him, would it make Him more real to us? In that lies faith.....we don't see the wind, but we know it's there...we feel it. We know Christ is there....

Whether we've seen Christ or not, we should have the same undying passion for Him no matter what. There should always be that "ahh" moment. The picture we see of Christ is truly in His Word. For it's there that we learn who He is, what He's promised us, and the amazing depth of relationship He wants to have with us. It's nothing "we've" done....nothing "we've" earned, but by His grace alone that we are His.

And even though I've never physically seen Him, I know He's with me...for He lives in my heart. I know He's there because I asked Him to enter. And when my faith rises up to believe - whether or not I can see Him and have that proof, I know He can ALWAYS see me...and I ask myself, "What do I look like to Him?.....What does my life reflect?" For it's not about the outward appearance but entirely my heart.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


I love words…I feel a deep satisfaction internally when I’ve orchestrated words just so perfectly to create that special depth that might even cause one to sit back and drink in a breath of fresh air.

I love reading deeper things of the Lord. I sometimes sit back in amazement myself and think, “how did they come up with those words to express that one, perfect thought?”

It’s a gift to have words roll off your tongue in such eloquence. I find that for some, it’s a true anointing given by the Lord Almighty Himself.

But, the word that melted my heart last week was one, simple word I hear so very often. It’s normally a word followed by actions my children need or requests they might have or simply to catch my attention. It’s a word that in my heart creates a satisfaction of knowing that I am needed…that I am loved…that I am blessed with little hearts in my life.

As I walked up the escalator from getting off the airplane last week I found myself excited to see my boys and husband. Waiting for me there was a whole group of strangers and as I glanced around I didn’t see my family…and then it happened. The word I hear so often…the word I often take for granted…the word that reminds that me that I am so blessed….

Two little boys came running towards me....shouting from the depths of their hearts….melting my own heart…with arms stretched out towards me…with passion unlike any other. And the word that I hear everyday took my breath away as these two little hearts touched me deeply with their spoken word….MAMA….

Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Fun and a new discovery....

My blog friend Kristen tagged me for this fun "3 things" about me, so I thought it's Friday and I'd write something a little more on the fun & light side!! So, here goes!!

3 places I go all the time: Target, Walmart,....hmmm, honestly, we stay home most all the time!
3 people who email me: Sharalee, Katherine, and Angie..among many others..I'm pretty popular! HA! Just kidding...ok, so you just got a glimpse into my personality.
3 favorite places to eat: Cheesecake Factory, Red Robin, & Chilis.
3 places I would rather be right now: Ocean, having fun with my husband, anywhere with my boys and husband..and family.
3 people who will do this: Hmmm...let's see...if you haven't been tagged for this, do it! It's fun!
3 TV shows I could watch over and over: Survivor, Lost & Hmmm....

Ok, so now to my side note discovery. I've realized that us bloggers are kind of our own little world. Am I just slow in discovering this? I love all my friends and family dearly, but unless they read and don't comment, I've discovered that not very many of my friends read my blog...what, you say?! What's up with that?! Of course what I've realized it that only bloggers for the most part read other blogs. I joke around with my friends that sometimes they would see even deeper into my heart if they read my blog...BUT, sometimes I have a hard time keeping up and I know they have alot going on. Friends and hard feelings here and know I'm not bashing you...just writing my observation for the day. I love you all no matter what. If you do read this, we bloggers LOVE our comments! If you don't then I love you all the same....For my loyal readers, know I appreciate it & love reading yours too...sorry I'm a little behind!!

Have a great weekend!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Do you trust?

Do you ever wonder, "Do I really trust the Lord?" When push comes to shove, do I trust Him with all I have...everything? If all was stripped away and you were left with nothing but Him, would you still trust?

I grew up in a home in which money was tight. You see, my dad was a Christian school principal and in case you don't know...they don't get paid a lot. It's a passion...a ministry....sacrifice. I never remember feeling poor and even though my parents will tell you that at times they prayed for the next meal, I never even remember the lack thereof.

I do remember times though of amazing provision from the Lord. Times in which we needed the Lord to provide some food for us and food would appear on our door step or money would be provided. The year in elementary school in which my parents prayed for money for school supplies and another teacher gave each of us money for supplies...not knowing that she was our answer to prayer. The months in which a local bakery had lots of leftovers and happen to just give to us...and at the point in which we were doing well, the local bakery stopped having leftovers. Mostly, the faith, prayer, dependence on the Lord, and love taught to us by these amazing people I am honored to call my parents. Times were tough and times are still sometimes tough. A giving of self in obedience to a Higher calling that I know one day awaits for them many jewels on that crown. There was never a word from them of doubt in the provisions of God....never a harsh word I heard in frustration towards the Lord (although I'm sure there might have been some in private)...ALWAYS a knowing and teaching that God will

Many of us don't know what this kind of life looks like....the financial blessings are rich in our lives. I admit as an adult I've not faced this lack of knowing where the next meal might come. But, I ask myself...the richness of the Lord in full evidence. Is it worth the sacrifice? Is it worth the obedience? Is it worth the pain? I know deep in my heart that the answer is a resounding, yes! For through the fire, we are refined...molded into who He is and stripped of all that is us.

I know the end of the Book...things aren't going to get easier....are you ready to trust in ways you've never known? To have that undying faith to know that no matter what, God will provide? Our family is personally facing a moment in which we are following a path of obedience and having to trust in His timing, in His perfect plan for us. I'm excited to share of the provisions He provides and the Glory all due His name....

And to think, it was because of those amazing people I am honored to call my parents....where would I be without them and the example they laid before me. For I'm sure they would not have preferred to have life that much of a struggle, but what they don't realize is the amazing depth of God's provision I saw and their modeling to me the unmeasurable trust and faith in God....for He's truly good all the time. Good and bad times...He's faithful. That's what they taught me.