Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New life.....

 I received on September 3rd, an extremely precious birthday card for my 37th birthday. It was from my Grandma.  I didn't realize how precious her last written words to me would be because 17 days later she went Home to be with Jesus.

September 20th, 2012, will forever be etched in my mind as the best day of my Grandma's life!  She finally finished her journey here on earth and went Home to be with her Lord.  The day before she passed away my sweet children went in one by one to hug her, tell her they love her, and say goodbye. I held up my 3 month old so she could see her.  A huge smile lit up my Grandma's face. It had been the first time she smiled in awhile.  I will always remember that.   She loved her Great Grandchildren.....she loved that her only Great Granddaughter (as of now) had such a similar name to hers.  She just loved.  When my children left the room I sat there alone, tears streaming down my face and held her hand.  I sang a few songs to her that I knew she would love hearing.  She whispered her final words to me..."I love you."

It's hard when someone close to you passes away. It's hard to watch the love of my Grandma's life, my Papa hurt like he never has before.  They were married 62 years. It's hard to go to their house and see that she's not there, yet everything you see has her handprint on it - almost as if it's not reality.  It will be hard that she's not there to watch my children grow up, or be there for all the holidays that she was so involved in.  It will just be hard......  My heart misses her and always will.  She was an amazingly, Godly woman who showed me what it looks like to live a life passionate for the Lord.  It wasn't about the religion of it all or going to church every week...for her it was about a daily personal relationship with her very best friend - her Lord.  Her final thoughts to me a few weeks prior were sharing that all we think is so important in this world really isn't.  Because when it all boils down to it, it's all about Jesus and loving Him.

Despite the hardness of it all, I'm grateful for the Hope that gives peace to my heart in knowing she's in Heaven with Jesus.  I WILL see her again some day!  Until then....I remember her fun shaped chocolate chip pancakes for us as kids, the way she always looked so beautiful,  the amazing way she cooked, the visit I had with her when I was 10, the way she called me "her precious granddaughter", the hugs, the way she loved my husband and children, the way she loved her own husband and children, the way she loved her Savior.

She will never be forgotten for she holds quite a special place in my heart.  I miss you sweet Grandma....