Friday, February 29, 2008

9 months already??

My youngest little one is 9 months old today. For some reason I find this to be a significant day because he's now been out of me as long as he was in my belly. It's weird how I felt like my pregnancy was much longer with him than these past 9 months have been, for they have flown by.
As you have more children, you notice life going faster. Funny how that works. It's not like there is actually less time in the day...we are just least I am much busier.

Here's what I've noticed with this precious 3rd son...

1. Time definitely is going faster.

2. All the sudden he's doing milestones vs. my first one I waited hand & foot for that first movement.

3. When did he get 7 teeth?

4. He'll be a year in a couple months??...When did that happen?

5. He's still bald.

6. He's just as sweet as his brothers that paved the way.

7. I guess he'll crawl when he's ready...not quite my attitude with the first one.

8. I give up with "ma-ma" being my child's first word.

9. I'm much less stressed out about things this time...

10. How did he get so long? That infant car seat is already in storage....

11. Thank you Lord for a good eater...after little Benjamin, I needed that ease.

12. Thank you Lord again for a good sleeper...7pm-7am. I can actually go to bed at 7:15pm if I wanted to!

13. Belly laughing from a 9mo. old because his brothers love to entertain him...

14. He loves bath time & seems to think every time we step into the bathroom that he's getting one. Huge smile on his face!

15. He tries moving his mouth in the same way we do when chewing gum...he's enthralled!

15. He has my heart deeply even after the 3rd time....

16. He's a delight, a joy, a treasure....

17. I'm sure there have been more, but I can't remember them right now. With each child has gone another brain cell....

So, even though these 9 months have flown by I have captured them in my heart. Levi is a gift from the Lord. And I'm honored that the Lord chose me to raise him....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008 the everyday...

It's not every day that you notice the shere Breath of Life that spoke and it existed.....

It's not every day you're touched with delight at the sun's rays lying on your face....

It's not every day that you notice a smile as it moves over your life in a way that feels motionless....

It's not every day that you remember the sweet voice of Your Love calling your name....

What have we forgotten in the every day that is desperate to be found?

What have we pushed aside that longs for cherished moments?

Who longs for you when you're no where to be found...and yet....He finds every single day.

Will you notice Him?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A little Prince....

Three little boys brought into the world by the life giving breathe of The King.....

For Mama thought, "Surely this one might be a girl" but was so joyful instead that she would have the honor to raise 3 little kings.

For her time was spent helping her sons defend the castle while playing swords until all ends. Fighting and spearing and watching over the land...those were the moments that were engraved in this Mama's treasure bin.

Each little prince touched Mama's heart with a love that was never ending - for they had her heart from the first moment of conception.

The 3 prince grew strong and powerful and watched as they modeled their own Daddy, who was the king of their castle.

As the years passed, Mama's heart grew fonder as she realized that this love for the 3 little prince was a saturating one of great proportions. For they had become the song of her heart....

Then one day, the life they knew changed as a princess stepped into their lives and the Mama they now knew had become number two.

But as this Mama watched these 3 little prince grow into the man of their own home...they now had become a king....And as hard as it was to let go, she was loving them so deeply as she knew they'd always be her heart's little prince....For truly, she realized that she had received the honor of raising 3 men who now had a heart for The King of Kings.

Friday, February 22, 2008


This week came the news that you never want to hear among your group of friends. The dread, the fear....sickness. Not only sickness, but something more serious that could affect lives forever.

Some friends of ours found out this week that their son has Lymphoma...cancer of the lympnoids. It's hard enough when it's an adult, but this little boy is just 5 years old....the same age as my very own son. It hits close to home and they are friends. You don't often think something like this might happen to your circle of friends and then it does & it's heartbreaking. They are still finding out more information as time goes on as to what stage it's in and what treatment will be necessary.

But, as my blog world and believers in Christ...we seek your prayers. We serve a God of the impossible and He's the Healer! We are believing for great things. Thank you for your prayers...

Just a little additional note....some of you probably have noticed that I'm just not blogging or commenting as much. I've hit a wall in what to write about & time has become more busier for me with things in my boy's lives changing. I'm still here & reading...just didn't want you to think I'd forgotten about you!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The other day we were driving to watch my brother play in his college basketball game and my Benjamin just had to bring his little basketball at the chance of maybe being able to run around the gym floor after the game.

He was sitting in his car seat, so proudly holding his basketball and in a moment this is what he said to me...."Mama, you know what?" What Benjamin....."I just love basketball." Awww...a sweet moment. This initial comment led into quite a conversation that of course led my mind to ponder....

I was telling my boys that I too loved basketball when I was younger and that I actually played in high school and was much, much better than their Uncle. Come on, where do you think my brother got his amazing skills from....I taught him all he knows! It doesn't matter that colleges wanted him to play for them and my career stopped at high school....I know what you were thinking......Anyway....

My oldest son wanted to know if I'd ever gotten any trophies for playing basketball and with much pride I said, "Of course I did!" Thus began my speech of bragging about all the trophies I'd gotten for my amazing athletic ability. But then he asked me, "Where are these trophies?" .....ahh, yes, ummm....the trophies are packed away in a box & stuffed back in our storage room.

Thus began my one point in my life I was so proud of these trophies and wanted to display them with admiration. Now in my life, they are packed away for no one to see for that time in my life has passed. We pursue things in this life that we think are of so much value....we are proud of these material things that we think have so much importance in our lives and yet they are just things...and sometimes they are things that eventually just get packed away and stuffed in a box. They bring us temporary happiness and yet we purse them with fervor and passion. What would happen if we pursued God with that same (if not more) passion!

I know we'd all admit that it's nice to have "things" in this life. I believe it's what these things become in our lives that matters. Do we look to the "trophies" in our lives to bring us that joy that only can come from the Lord? Do they define who we we feel like nothing without them? For when we go Home, nothing will be coming with us!

It's just a trophy. I was proud of it and I worked hard for it, but now it's a trophy in a box. Again in our lives, all that matters is our significance in the Lord. For this world will truly pass away soon.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Forever, True Love...

"I love you Lord and I lift my voice, to worship You oh my soul, rejoice. Take joy my King, in what you hear. Let it be a sweet, sweet sound in your ear."

My forever laid down your life so that I could have eternal life with You. My name is written in Your book and my life and everything that I am is always and forever Yours. People will come and go, but you remain forever. May you find pleasure in me and may my heart surrender daily to your plan.

Life without you would be empty. Thank you Lord for the love you showed us so many years ago when you stretched out your arms on the cross to die for me. Thank you for the love you continue to show me each and every day.

I am so desperately in love with you my Lord. I worship and adore You. I long to be close to your side....I am Yours. I long to be obsessed with you. I love you....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My First Valentine.....

It wasn't long in life before I knew who my first Valentine was. As he held me in his arms, I was his. I knew my Daddy loved me....

I knew from the moments in his coaching years when he would take me to the gym with him and let me make attempts at dribbling the basketball...thus grew my love for the game....more importantly, thus grew my love for him.

When he would wrestle with my brother and I and tickle us until we were just exhausted...I knew that was love.

I did not have a Valentine in my life until my husband. It became my dream come true. But, as I look back in my life, I always had a Valentine and he was there for me every single moment of my life. For he was the one voice I could hear in the stands as I played athletics..."Come on Earen, you can do it!" "What were you thinking Earen!" "Shake it off, they'll call the foul." And after the games..."Good game Earen...I'm proud of you." He was always proud of me and I knew it.

When all around me at school other girls were getting flowers delivered by our student council, my heart would break inside until one rose was brought my way....a love gift from my Daddy. He remembered me....

My first Valentine has always been there to help pick me up, put his arms around me, show me how to stand my ground, fight for what was mine, make me laugh anytime, and show me unconditional love. I never did anything to earn his was a gift to me.

Now as a 32 year old woman, my heart finds great love for my Daddy. For he walked me down the isle when I got married with tears in his eyes. I watched as he's held he grandsons in his arms for the first time and was there for me the moment I went into labor. He was there for me unexpectedly when our 2nd son had to have a procedure done to unclog a tear duct...because he loved me. He loves me unconditionally now as a grown woman and that love has overflowed from him to now what has become my husband and children.

I respect greatly this man I call Daddy. I love you so very much Daddy. Thank you for so many times that I didn't even mention here of your unconditional love and support to me. Thank you for the amazing sacrifices you've made....Thank you for being my first Valentine. I am honored to be your little girl...I always will be. I love you. For you have shown me what the love of the Heavenly Father is all about.....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A love worth waiting for....

I wasn't the girl that was desired by all the boys. I had many "guy" friends, but was never pursued much further than that. I was 23 when I had my first ever date. It was a blind date and I now refer to that person as stocker-boy. That's a whole other story....

My best friend and I played volleyball with a huge church group every Sunday afternoon, at a local park. It was our way of getting out, getting exercise, and of course getting to know the boys!

One day though, there was a guy who seemed interested in me. This took me by surprise because I wasn't the one really ever pursued. His name was Daniel. We joke now because there was not an immediate attraction, but it quickly came around..believe me! I remember being so touched that Dan was interested in actually knowing about Me...wanted to know My name, what I did, and know more about My life. We started as friends..... that quickly changed.

As Dan and I became closer, we began to email each other almost daily & I mean we emailed books! He had recently come out of a prior relationship, so I wanted to be sensitive to his heart and not be the rebound girl, but my heart was falling for him. It was during this emailing that I not only learned more about him but became amazingly in love with this incredibly kind heart, full of integrity and love for the Lord. I'd never met anyone like him...ever. After only 2 weeks I knew that this was going to be my husband. He took a bit longer due to past hurtful relationships. I told him I loved him first, but he told me that he had told other women he loved them & this go around that when he said "I love you" it would be to his wife. Not long after he took me to the park where we met and told me he loved me....

We dated for 5 months and then on a glorious March 18th, my Daniel surprised me with an elaborate proposal. It began as a scavenger hunt which took me to all the places that had become special to us...each having a clue given to me there. Of course my best friend & parents were in and apart of the whole deal. The final clue led me to the park in which we first met, where he told me he first loved me, and now....where he asked me to be his wife. It was the most romantic and wonderful day. 3 months later, on a glorious day in June I became his wife.

I share our love story in honor of Valentine's Day. I prayed for my husband for 23 years of my life...he was my answer. He is my best friend, my lover, my passion, and my desire. The Lord knew who would be the best for me and He far exceeded what I thought was possible. I can't imagine my life without my sweet love....Daniel, you were a love SO worth waiting for. I'm so honored to have you....I love you.

Monday, February 11, 2008

What to join in??

For those of you who read my blog, you know the amazing gift the Lord gave me in my friend Shannon & the new lifestyle I've been doing with my eating & exercise called Transitions. Seriously, it has changed my life. I'm now up to 37.6 pounds lost & I know at least 10-15in. (my friend Shannon is keeping track of that), not to mention the education I'm getting and the amazing energy I have & how great I'm feeling! I normally would not send these kinds of blogs, but I wouldn't be showing you love if I didn't give you the chance to change your life like I have. A quote from my sweet father in law this past weekend after having been awhile since seeing us.."Levi (my 8mo 0ld) hasn't changed that much, but look how different Earen looks!" To a person that's losing weight & working so hard, that's a treasure to hear! Thank you Mike!

I have been speaking to my friend Shannon about all my wonderful blog friends, You! Recently, her company has ventured into the world of cyberspace in teaching people through the internet about this program. I know many of you have asked me questions & have been curious about how this program has changed my life so much...Well, this is your chance!! Again, seriously....if you have struggled with your weight ALL YOUR LIFE like I have, or just want to learn how to eat more healthy, this program will be such a life changing gift!! I can't tell you how impacted not only I've been but many of my friends here.

Shannon wanted me to just throw it out there to you all & see if any of your were interested. Here are a few criteria she would require:

1. You would have to subscribe to the website that would allow you to journal your daily food, etc. on line. This is $10 a month

2. She would require that you start taking the Multi-tech Vitamins & Complete Greens. These are all natural & I tell you what...these have been KEY in curving my cravings and the energy I feel. If you're interested Shannon can tell you exactly what's in them as well as the price.

3. Commitment! There is a week detox at the beginning & I won't pretend that it's simple....but it's all down hill from there. I've been amazed at how much easier it has been than I thought. Remember, this is NOT a diet & will shatter all previous diets you've been on.

If you're interested, you can just leave me a comment along with your email address or if you're not comfortable with giving me your email address for all to see, you can email me at and leave it for me there. I will then forward your email on to Shannon & she'll answer any questions & get you started!!


Saturday, February 9, 2008


He's been up for an extra, extended period of time. He's exhausted, and beyond the time of his bed. He's had fun playing, but now it's time to rest.

His eyes fight it....he's tired, but he's determined to keep them open at the off chance he might miss something. He closes them for a split moment as he's nursing to sleep, only to pop them back open so sweetly, looking up at me as to say, "did I miss anything?" He knows he's so tired, but he won't sleep...he won't rest.

The Lord is feeding us in the journey of our lives with Him. We're exhausted from the day's activities...our hearts have fought battles we didn't expect to fight today....

We try to stay awake....we try to take control....we try to capture exhaustion ourselves and put it on a shelf.

The Lord whispers in your ear..."Rest, my sweet Lie here in my arms, drink and eat of me...close your eyes and rest. Stop fighting...stop trying to control it....Rest. I am all you need...I have everything you need....I AM.

"Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle, and you will find rest for your souls." Matthew 11:29

Thursday, February 7, 2008

My name...

I know...can you believe it....TWO posts in 1 day!! Amazing since I've hardly had time to read or post blogs recently....see my prior posting on Simplify! :-)

The other day a woman called for me and called me "Earlene" instead of "Earen." This brought to my memory a blog that my friend Alana had written awhile back about how everyone misprounoucnes her name. It got me thinking, unless I have verbally introduced myself to you all, you might not be saying my name's definitely spelled different.

My parents loved the name Erin, but didn't like how is was spelled, so they just changed it up! So, for those of you who have ever so sweetly been saying my name in your mind as "Ear"-en know that you are not alone. I've gotten quite an variation of pronunciations in my years. But you know, I love that my name is different and I always have.

So, were you saying it right in your head?

Simplify has a crazy way of allowing the time in our lives to fly by. Does the time fly out the door as my husband leaves work.....Is it chased out by the laughter & fun of my boys playing? When I was little at certain moments time went so very, very slowly. I remember feeling like summer break was forever.

My time is spent with 3 boys under the age of 5. The past few days my oldest son, Caleb has been spending some time with my parents. I watch as the 5 years of his life have passed with such speed as I realize his independence in full swing, for after 2 1/2 days of being gone we asked if he missed us and he says, "I thought about you, but I didn't really miss you." It's a part of my heart letting go as only time passing allows.

My second son Benjamin has grown & is becoming quite a little boy. As we were able to have some wonderful, quality time I marvel and wonder when he learned to speak like such a little boy. He wants me to play with him. His sweet lips pucker as he makes a little face that says, "please mama, play with me." When did the time allow for him to pass from a crawling infant, to a little boy?

My third son Levi. When did the time allow for him to be now sitting up, rolling over, and eating cheerios right off his tray. He says "da, da" and longs to be moving. When did my tiny newborn follow so quickly in his brothers before him. Where did the moments go as he's now trying to crawl around as sweetness radiates from his big, blue eyes. I feel as if I was just pregnant....

Life, it never sits still. It will go on whether we go along with it or not. The time we have in this life is temporary. I will always be the Mama, but I won't always be the caretaker of my precious boys. Time flies away when we aren't scatters through the dishes, laundry, and day to day responsibilities. Simplifying my life has allow time to slow down for me....maybe not as slow as I'd like, but I'm looking and seeing the life happening right before my eyes...the life in these 3 young boys.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A little bit of random!

My husband is off on break again....I find that when he's home with us I kind of check out of email and blog world, thus the reason I've been behind on commenting on your blogs. So, I'm going to join in with you all on this just being a random post of just stuff!

9am to 3:30pm...this is how long it took us to clean and re-organized our basement yesterday. I've been dreading it....avoiding it like the plague. My storage/laundry room had become a disaster, which caused our theater room to become disorganized and funny how when my house is unorganized, I feel that way inside. So, we dove in head first & boy does it feel good now that it's done. We moved our older 2 boys together in one room which has allowed me to have an extra room downstairs that is now my craft room and homeschooling room. Yes, I'm a scrapbooker & stamper.

Yes, speaking of homeschooling, I've decided to give it a go next year for my oldest son. I'm not 100% sure yet, but feel the Lord leading us in this direction. Sometimes where the Lord leads isn't the most preferred method nor the easiest, but I desire to be obedient to His call. He knows my son even better than I.

We got a new 42in. plasma, flat screen TV. Don't worry husband is a school teacher so it's not like we are loaded. (just in case you were thinking we are extremely wealthy! ha!) But, my husband has been shopping & waiting for this for almost 2 years. He's big into technology and is now enjoying this & secretly I'll admit I'm loving it too!

Dawn from Southern Girly-Girl..this one is for you! I was asked about my opinion about vaccinations & why we have decided to not do one of them. None of my boys have received the Hepititas B shot. Ultimately, I can't give you a complete reason as to why, except to say that we'd heard some unfavorable things about that least until they get older. I had read & heard some connections of that to autism....of course, you can get pros & cons on any of the vaccinations & ultimately I think it's whatever the Lord lays on your heart to do. He's the wisdom giver.

Speaking of wisdom...I started a Bible Study with my mom & grandma today. We are getting together once a month to study the actual Word together! Something that really stuck out to me as we were studying about wisdom and the fear of the Lord is this...Jesus is wisdom. Have you ever thought about it that way? Thank you Mama &'re a tremendous blessing to me.

And last but not least....I bought a pair of jeans this week FIVE....FIVE...YES, FIVE...sizes smaller than I was wearing 3 months ago! Praise the Lord! I'm excited. This program is working & I've now been given the opportunity to teach it to some ladies from my MOPS group.

Thanks for enduring through my random post!