Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Big Ants

We continue to be working on our backyard to get it in shape. Yard work isn't my favorite thing to do, but I enjoy doing it alongside my husband and getting some sun! Pulling weeds, digging out tree stumps, raking, hauling in dirt, planting grass....it's a big project!
If you're like me, you brace yourself for all the tiny bugs you'll see as you're moving wood or other things that little creatures like to live under. As I was moving a big log I went in with gloves on and was ready to brace myself and boy was I glad that I did! As I removed the log, there were hundreds of these big ants and the baby larva (I guess that's what ant babies are called). So, I went looking for the killer...ant killer that is! I sprayed and sprayed. As I watched these ants scramble all around trying to survive (sorry ants) I watched as they all gathered in one spot. That one spot was gathering all over the baby larva that hadn't yet hatched - for as these ants were all scattered everywhere at first, they all gathered to protect their little ones. I sat there in fasination as I watched them. These ants were dying, yet their first thought was to protect their young.
As a Mama, I can relate. I would do anything to protect my children. But let's look at this on an even bigger scale, for as I was watching them I felt the Lord bring to my mind a reminder of what He did for me. Jesus died on the cross for me....covering my life with His blood so that I could live eternally with Him. As I watched His creation I realized that they were doing exactly what Jesus did for us...for as He was dying He saved us...He saved me.
So although I'm glad that I was able to kill the ants, I was reminded of all that Jesus has done for me. Covering me with His blood and saving my life......