Sunday, June 29, 2008

Really, 8 years already???

In the blink of an eye...8 years has passed since the day I walked down the isle ready to begin a new adventure with the love of my life.

I met my husband the summer of 1999. He was setting up a volleyball net at a park where a good friend of mine and I always played with our church group...every Sunday afternoon. It wasn't love at first sight for either of us, but didn't take long before my heart was all his. Guys weren't much interested in me prior to my love. So, when I first began talking with him and found that he was interested in me and my life, it was a shock to my system. Although because of his cool sunglasses and totally awesome car, I thought he might be a bit cocky...boy, was I wrong.

One evening after a game of volleyball he asked for my email address. He was having such a hard time remembering it that he finally said, "Here, you remember mine & email me." So...I did. We emailed solid for 2 weeks and I don't mean little emails...we emailed books. I was amazed at how I got to know this man through email and discovered he was the most amazing man I'd ever known and realized he had a heart unlike I'd ever come across. I knew within the first 2 weeks of dating him that he was the one for me. The rest of our story was nothing but divine intervention...for we knew that the Lord was in it all. By March of 2000 he proposed to me and on June 30th, 2000, we were married. I remember so many details of that day, but the thing that I remember the most is having those church doors open and seeing my love standing there waiting for me...tears in his eyes....saying our vows...committing our lives to each other.

My love, every day of our lives together has been a joy to me. You're my best friend, my love and it's truly my honor and delight to be married to you. The Lord far exceeded my expectations when He gave you to me. Thank you for the love you have for us and the love you have for Him. I'm forever yours and I love you dearly....

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A stranger approaching...

It never ceases to amaze me at the way that God chooses to bless us....especially when we aren't looking. Minding our own business, doing the day to day routine and then BAMM, you look up & there He is...not realizing He was always there.

Recently our family decided to walk around a local, outside shopping center, have some dinner and just relax together as a family. From a distance I noticed a lady and she looked familiar but I just went on my merry way. Not a couple minutes later she tapped me on the shoulder and re-introduced herself to me and began sharing with me a blessing. She attended MOPS the year I was apart of leadership. As the leadership team we would take our turn getting up in front of the entire group for about 5 minutes and sharing something God had placed on our heart & just allowing the ladies attending to get to know us better. Along came my morning to share....I was big and pregnant with my third son, emotional, and feeling huge. I was exhausted from keeping up with two other young boys, but taking a deep breath as I was having some fellowship with my adult friends.

I thought & thought about what to share that morning and God laid something on my heart that I personally had been learning...where my true identity lies. So often as moms we find our identity in how our home looks, or our children, or our spouse, and we forget that our identity only comes in Christ. After I said my piece I then played a song..."You are the potter, I am the clay. Master, Creator, Take My life...."

I think that day I spoke more to myself than anyone. I walked away with a few comments on how much what I said ministered to them....trying to turn them back to "all glory be to God."

So, there we were...a year later with my family at the shopping center and this lady who I recognized but never met personally walks up to me and says to me, "You have no idea how God used what you said at MOPS that day." She proceeded to tell me her story and the identity crisis she was in at that time in her life. Then she said it..."thank you...thank you for being used by the Lord to minister to me." LORD, HOW YOU BLESS ME WHEN I LEAST EXPECT IT. She took the time to come my way because she wanted me to feel encouraged that maybe when I thought I was not affecting anyone, that the Lord used me...what?!...used me? Her exact words were, "When you thought you might not have been making a difference, just know you made a difference in my life."

I was humbled beyond words....for what happened that day is that she ministered to me. For when I wasn't looking I was still making a difference, but what she didn't realize is that her words to me that day made a huge difference in my heart...for the Lord used her.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What's God Doing?!

Have you ever been so humbled because you realize you're right smack dap in the center of God's favor?   Now, I know as believers we receive God's favor & grace unmeasurably, but have you ever felt that extra special touch?  

We feel in that spot right now & it's overwhelmingly humbling.   Not a couple days after I posted my "Expectations" posting we received an offer on our house.   What is the complete miracle and "it's so great it's almost comical" (as our realtor stated) is that they offered almost full price, which in this economy of homes in our area is only from God.  We are definitely excited, but also praying for a few more hoops we need to jump through like the inspection & appraisal.   But, we know that if this is God's plan for us that all will work out, including providing a new home for us. We've now looked at around 25 homes and are still looking!   So, this is a huge praise!!  

So, I feel humbled and in a spot where my heart is overflowing with thankfulness and just a spot in which I realize this is God's plan for us and He's making a way.   It's a joy & privilege to be in the center of His will...but, still trying to lay all those expectations in His hands.....

Friday, June 20, 2008


Even though I don't like to offend anyone & want everyone to like me, I decided to say my piece about the Presidential race that is taking place right now. I recently was sent a Youtube video, (which just simply stated facts) on Obama and I honestly was shocked. I believe (my opinion) that it will be a sad day if he becomes President and not only that, but a scary day for America.

Now, let me just clear the air and express that it has nothing to do with his race because I have absolutely no problems with having an African American President. What it has to do with is the things he stands for, the people he's been involved with, and the lack of patriotism I've seen. How can a man that doesn't seem to be passionate about America and love it - lead it? And I heard the other day on a Christian talk show that he's only served 143 days in office...not very much.

As some friends & I were talking about this, I ultimately had to come back to the knowledge of what we know about end times. We, as believers in Jesus Christ know that things aren't really going to be better. Things are going to get harder & worse...BUT, the overwhelming excitement is that He's coming back for us!! In the meantime, I know that God is in complete control and whether we see it or not, He has control over everything....even who's our President.

So, there you have it...a little piece of my mind about this. No offense if you don't agree, but I could send you that Youtube video..... :-)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...almost

A joy like unlike I've never known....

Monday, June 16, 2008


Expectations can be joy killers.....

This is the new revelation in my life. I'm sure it has been around and out there for awhile, but expectations can be very disheartening. People will always disappoint for they are human. We get in our minds a certain opinion about someone or a certain expectation from them that we have and then an occurrence happens and you're disappointed sometimes even shocked. "I didn't expect that from them" or "I thought I knew this person". Then I sit on my high & mighty stool and think how much better I am only to come crashing down almost instantly and thankfully amidst my arrogance, God catches me and tells me to straighten up!

Then, we have our expectations of God. We fit Him nicely into "our plans" and we ultimately pray for God's will, but deep inside our hearts we have our own agenda. We expect and want God to work it out "our way"...for surely He would do it our way...for I am Earen, I know best! CRASH!

I had my plan this summer for our house selling and us finding a new home & being all moved by the end of August when my son starts school. And although we've only had our house on the market a month & we had about 12 showings (which I hear is a good thing), I'm not hearing the words I want to hear right now..."your house is sold" Now, this all might still happen and that's what I'm praying for, but my expectations are destroying my joy for the present. I find myself disappointed that God isn't doing what I want Him to do. Then I fall into worry and fret and distrust. I read something by Ruth Graham that said that Worship & worry can't go together and it can destroy faith. Isn't that so very true in our lives.

What I'm realizing is that it is in the waiting where the joy really lies because we have no's not about us..and we are in complete reliance on the Lord. I can't make "my agenda" happen in this situation, I have to wait.

And you know, I would wait all over again because the real joy of waiting is the refining & molding lessons we learn of Him. For He's teaching me so much....teaching me that it's really only the expectation of Himself and Heaven that will ever fully satisfy.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A friend, a lover, a Daddy...

Tears swelled in his eyes the day he had his boys....and this man doesn't cry often.

I see him in action every, single day. Despite his exhaustion after a long day at work, he steps into Father/Husband role without any complaining or hesitation. He's super-dad!

As he steps in that door at the end of a long day, it's very evident how much his boys adore him. And amidst that adoration for his children, he loves wrestling, snuggling, and watching them even when they aren't looking. For it's very evident how much he loves his children...his family.

This man is my amazing husband. I've never once heard him complain about all the hard work he does so that I have the privilege of staying home with our boys. He helps me around the house and with the boys without even a word from my mouth. He takes care of us with relentless passion and a loving heart.

I prayed for this man for 23 years of my life before the Lord brought him to me. I never knew the extent of which the Lord blessed me beyond my wildest hopes and dreams...then one day there he was. He's so passionate about us and I watch in his eyes a cherishing of every moment with us. Then he had 3 boys and I saw a love in him grow unlike any I'd ever known. As a tear rolled down his cheek when each son was born, a pride welled inside of him for he had 3 sons....3 sons to carry on his family name...3 sons to instill honor, integrity, and love.

But, what I see most in this man is an undying passion for Christ and a desire to pass it on to his next generation of family. To see his desire to read the Word and pray with his boys every night..well, these are some of the glimpses of "far beyond my wildest hopes and dreams."

And just when I've seen every moment to fill my heart, he surprises me again by putting himself aside to lift us up beyond his own desires. Happy Father's Day my's an honor being your wife and a treasure to my heart to watch you be such an amazing Daddy to our boys. They are so blessed to have you and if they turn out anything like you, they will be the most honorable, kind, Christ following, and loving men I know. I love you...

Friday, June 13, 2008

My Daddy....

He is a handsome man…He always jokes to others that they probably think he looks like Robert Redford but to me, he is my Daddy.

He is the first man I ever loved…..

From the moment he held me in his arms, I knew I was his.

I watched my parents this past weekend as they gave away their son in marriage. My Daddy gave me away almost 8 years ago walking me down the isle toward my love, but this time it was different for my parents. For they were already seated.

As I watched my Dad, I saw a pride in his face, a love in his heart, a sadness in the depths of him as he was letting ago another one of his own…both of them letting go another child of theirs that they’d poured their everything in to.

I sat back in admiration remembering the time of my wedding and how special it was for me and my Dad. Flashes of all my Dad has done for me over the years went through my mind as I sat there & watched him give his first born son away.

A gratefulness washed over me this past weekend for both my parents. Now that I have children of my own, I see the sacrifice and service involved in being a parent. I am grateful for a Dad who was always there…always supported and encouraged us…always loved us…always loved me.

Life is changing in our family…marriages, new little lives…time is moving on. Now as I watch him hold my children in his arms, I see the love he has for them and remember looking at him the same way they do. Admiration, love, and respect…for who he is to all of us…for all he’s done for each of us…and for the amazing Daddy that he is to me.

Happy Father’s Day Daddy….my heart is forever grateful for you. I love you so very dearly. Thank you for all you’ve done for us…When you don’t think all you do is being notice, know that it is and there will never be words to express my gratitude. There’s no one like you and don’t forget…you might have given me away 8 years ago, but I’ll always be your little girl.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...ok, a few words....

It happens when you least expect it and you realize again that you've loved this man for as long as you can remember.   And you see that in our lives time has slipped away and yet there is a cherished volume of memories that only your heart can hold.   And the moments keep coming....

When I saw this picture of my Papa I knew he'd always been mine and always will be.... I love you Papa.  Thank you for being an amazing Daddy to my mom.  You are an amazing Papa!   My cup runneth over...........

Monday, June 9, 2008

The wedding weekend!

This weekend was amazing!  I so enjoyed every, single moment as we celebrated my brother & sister in law's wedding.   I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with family and friends and celebrating in the new journey by brother is now taking.   My parent's hosted an amazing rehearsal dinner at the Olive Garden.  She took the time to decorate & planned an evening of stories from several of the groomsmen as well as a slide show that my husband put together of pictures.   

This is Dan & I before the wedding!  Doesn't he look amazingly handsome!!

This is myself doing a sexy pose and then my beautiful, new sister in law & the bridesmaids.    The dresses and flowers were just gorgeous and she did a fabulous job picking!  Her family was so delightful and we were very thankful for all they did!

My amazing parents who did so much to make this weekend special for my brother.  I love them so!
My dad looked so handsome and my mom was beautiful in her new dress and shoes that were killing her feet!

The dashingly handsome brothers.  And of course the one standing by me is the one who got married.  My sweet sister Jill who was delighted to be there too.   

I could just go on & on about the amazing weekend that I had.  I was so proud of my brother and felt blessed by this new, sweet woman joining our family.   Everything went so smoothly.   The reception hall was decorated beautiful and the food was amazing.   We danced a bit and I enjoyed having that time with my main man!   It was a weekend I'll never forget & I felt honored to be apart of it all! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Worship & a video

The melody..the harmony....the 

Music used to be a huge part of my life.   Piano lessons, choir, worship team, singing, was a major part of me.  Then life started going in a different direction for me...not intentionally, just happened.    I continue to love music, but deep inside of me has never left the love of worship.   There's no other place closer to the Lord that I feel than during worship. When I come across a song that the words and music have such an annointing, it captivates my heart.  

I recently was helping my husband work on the slide show that we'll be showing at my brother's wedding this weekend.   My part, picking out the music.   I came across a Christian musician named Meredith Andrews.   Forgive me if she's been around for awhile & I'm just now discovering her...remember, I have children & three at that.   We listen to toddler tunes, and various children's music.   

I immediately loved her music, her words, her worship....through all of these things shines an evidence of her passion for the Lord.   So, we bought the whole album off Amazon & I love it!  I wanted you to check out one of her videos.   Enjoy!  

Monday, June 2, 2008

The wedding!!

My dear, sweet brother.....there are only 4 more days until he's married to this beautiful woman that is joining our family.   They've been dating for 2 years and finally the day has arrived.   This is their engagement picture.  He wanted to show off his Fireman gear & aren't they just a beautiful couple?!  

You know, it's been a weird roller coaster of emotions for me this week.  My brother and I have been away from the place we called "home" growing up for awhile now and yet I didn't know I would feel this way inside.  We have always been close....he's always been my brother...he's been my best friend.   I am so proud of my brother.   He's the man I always knew he'd be and I have no doubts he will make an incredible husband.  I almost feel as if I'm letting him go...and I'm just the sister.   They definitely won't be out of our lives and thankfully living close by, but there's another woman that has become so very dear to him.   It's how God designed it to be.   My heart is just filled to overflowing today because he's all I thought he'd be and more...a man of integrity, honor, and love for the Lord.  And now we are welcoming a dear, sweet woman that is filling his heart with amazing joy!  

Thank you again!

For my friend Alana who hosted a fun flip flop they are again!   I'm enjoying them tons Rohl Call!  Thank you again!!